Adelphia is the sixth largest cable television provider in the United States during the fraud, all property unlawfully taken from Adelphia by the. Running head: ADELPHIA COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION SCANDAL 1 Adelphia Communications Corporation Scandal Sheewane Davis Strayer. Free Essay: Introduction The Adelphia Communications scandal occurred in March, when three of the original founding family members.

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Skip to main content. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. That’s why, they say, he remained true to Coudersport all those years. He and Doris drove their children just as hard. By the s the joke was that the town hadn’t felt the Great Depression because it hadn’t known prosperity. In its lawsuit, filed in federal court in Manhattan, the Commission alleges that the defendants violated the antifraud, periodic reporting, record keeping, and internal controls provisions of the federal securities laws.

From time to time the Rigas family dipped into the account for personal business.

Adelphia founder gets 15-year term; son gets 20

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Communicationss was not a well-known company in Nashville, and had only a small presence in the area its subsidiary, Adelphia Business Solutions, a commercial telecommunications provider, was offered as an alternative to the dominant BellSouth.

Others might curse him. It seemed as though everyone in town had benefited from John’s largesse. He sold tickets, made popcorn, and sometimes slept on a cot in the theater when he was communjcations tired to drive home to Wellsville. He began attending the Episcopal church preferred by the town’s business leaders, even though he’d been raised in the Greek Orthodox faith.


Adelphia Communications Corporation – Wikipedia

Adelphia – which means “brothers” in Greek – used to be one of America’s largest cable companies. A summary of one of the biggest scandals in US history. By the mids Rigas could afford to build a house just outside town with a pool for his four children. He hobnobbed with Ted Turner. But Wall Street wasn’t about to lend it any more money as long as the Rigases were around. InAdelphia’s debt was 11 times its market capitalization, an off-the-chart number.

John had made them look like fools. Adelphia’s stock was soon worth pennies. The John Rigas they describe believed in small-town values: The SEC began an investigation. His secretary was forever going to the bank and moving funds from account to account so that her boss could stay ahead of creditors.

Grass was sentenced to eight years in prison. In the post-Enron environment, that was all investigators needed to descend on the company. Bankruptcy Code on June 25, The small-town businessman who had boasted about his stomach for leverage now saddled Adelphia with outlandish amounts of debt. She also helped design Adelphia’s buildings, including its brick-and-marble headquarters on Main Street, which locals call the “mausoleum.

But the thought would pass. Adelphia Communications Corporation Scandal. The New York Times. Init was detected that the company had overstated immensely on its cash flow as well as how many real subscribers they had. By comparison, other corporate misdeeds seem like small potatoes.

John did not object. Popular stories currently unavailable Top videos Popular videos currently unavailable. Search Most popular on msnbc. Just after he was sentenced, the elder Rigas, hunched forward in his seat, held his right hand over his mouth and dabbed at his eyes and nose with a white tissue. The fraudulent fraternal behavior might have continued indefinitely if not for one man. He spent most of his time running Adelphia Business Solutions, a telephone service company spun off from the parent.


It was a one-stoplight town in the Allegheny Mountains, far from any major highway. It was an odd place, perhaps, for what was now one of the nation’s ten largest cable companies, managing 1. Oren Cohen thought there was something about the family’s spending that didn’t add up.

John Rigas, founder William T. District Judge Leonard Sand said the sentence might be cut short if Rigas serves at least two years and prison doctors believe he has less than three months to live. He had a heart attack and died on the spot. The Rigases accumulated a dozen or so houses in Coudersport and the surrounding area.

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Or maybe it was the little things: Besides, he could always communicatoons a loan. Adelphia, founded by John Rigas in tiny Coudersport, Pa. All three sons went to work for their father. The boys clearly preferred being with their immediate family in Coudersport. As Adelphia slid toward bankruptcy–it filed for Chapter 11 protection in June–the entire cable industry was affected.

He was 5 feet 5 inches tall.