Home · Onbooks · Tamil; Aathichudi. likes (). Related books. அகநானூறு · ஐங்குறுநூறு · கலித்தொகை. 9 Feb It was all about Ovvaiyaar’s Aathichudi (ஒளவையாரின் . I searched the meaning for Aathichudi to teach 3rd grader and this the only. 24 Dec Aathichudi is a collection of verses written by poet Avvaiyar (it means respected The meaning here is based on my own interpretation.

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Sleeping for prolonged hours is unhealthy.

Xylic and thermophilic wet hewie his insistence avvaiyar aathichudi meankng tamil with meaning pdf and lands many wonders. Hope you had got something out of this.

Tamil Aathichudi – The easiest way to teach kids discipline – She Knows Her Mind

Please change the meaning for iyalvathu karavel. He wanted to trigger their patriotism through his new poem. Aathichudi has been converted into android app. She single-handedly averted a war between two kings Adhiaman and Tondaiman by a avvaiywr poem.

In her later yearsshe did not stay at on place. Judiciously meanibg your living place. As is avvaiyar aathichudi in tamil with meaning practice of every Tamil poem, this poem too starts with an invocation to the blessings of the Almighty. For non tamilians it is really very helpful n avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning to understand.

Give what all you can give. But history says that Lord Muruga intervened and changed her mind. This is a great work. Designed With By Templateclue.

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Never do bad things. While doing so am trying to translate a few as I can. Woman who have done great service in terms of social reforms avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning communal harmony are also recognized for this award. Learn to master your anger. It contains verses with simple translations in English for easy understanding. It continues with the Mei Ezhuthugal as well.

Parents should take efforts to follow one avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning either old or new athichudi. The moral code prescribed here are easy to implement when we take the verse to our heart.

Since the language is simple, it is very easy to communicate the meaning to the child. Scindhia H Loves coffee, music,nature,movies and basically anything positive and inspiraional.


Your translation makes aathichoodi more relevant to avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning people also. This app provides the following. She was brought up with much care. Legend says that she did not die but was bodily transported to heaven by Lord Shiva. Maybe the child does not understand it completely but what happens aavvaiyar, the verses are ingrained at such a young age that you can get it clarified at any age.

Tamil Aathichudi – The easiest way to teach kids discipline

The movie Avvaiyar based on the great Tamil poet was avvaiyar by Gemini picture in It is believed that there were three poets by the same name in three different time periods. Tamil Kids App is a way of learning Tamil for kids or first time learners. Please accept my sincere appreciation. Respect what you learn. Loves coffee, music,nature,movies and basically avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning positive and inspiraional.


Thank you Raj and all, I can learn to be good from now. The meaning of the verses are suitable to any time period which is exactly the reason why even after a millennium, children read her avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning with great interest. Get along with the world. Meaning in English Children can easily learn one thought a day and share the same with friends. Desire to do deeds of virtue.

aathichdui The first reaction was, crazy buggers, they have not let this one go to. She single-handedly averted a war between tami, kings Adhiaman and Tondaiman by a single poem.

Is like a handful of earth.

Had to use this for my son’s work. Be a sensibly powerful force due to aavvaiyar the whole family gets respected. Can u help me in getting the old song “Arithu arithu Manidapiravi kidaithal arithu It is on par avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning the Thirukkural by Thiruvalluvar. Sometimes, it has made iwth wonder whether the child at such an young age can understand the uniqueness and the magnitude of this poem.

Do support and comment. Hi Nice work, but a small correction. Gossiping is not a good virtue.