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In this case, Spd data is shifted to the lower display.

To change reading between miles and kilometers, appropriate wheel calibration number must cateye mity 3 entered.

Cycle mode setting until in “O” odometer mode. Wheel Selection Symbol G. Replace batteries when depleted whether or not the computer has been used, to avoid corrosion. Wheel setting cateye mity 3 is also specifically pro- gramed for low speed sensitivity. The wheel calibration number will be displayed with the first two digits flashing. Entering “Set” mode to revise wheel size without losing mileage: Astrale owner’s manual Not for Astrale 8! In Tm, Av, Mx, Dst1 and.


Decreases the figure by one. Av moves up as Main Display. How to Attach Main Unit to. Remove and re-install batteries.

Manual for Cateye Mity 3?

All displays illuminate, and then ” K ” symbol flashes. Cateye mity 3 clock displays hour time if the computer is set to record kilometers, and hour time if to record miles.

Two different start points can be set Dst1 and Dst2. Then press the “SET” button. Main unit preparation, Button operation reset operation.

CatEye CC-MT [Mity 3] User Manual | 4 pages | Original mode | Also for: CC-ED, CC-VL

How the display changes. Continuing Accumulation of Odo Data Cateye mity 3 the Odo data returns to zero by all clear operation, you can continue accumulation of data by inputting the previous Odo data. Mity 2 mtiy manual. Moves between wheel circumference A and B.

cateye mity 3 To set the clock time Cycle through the modes until Tm or the clock is displayed. Auto Mode Symbol F. Test the alignment of the magnet and sensor with the main unit attached. To select which weel calibration value to use: Press SET button to fix it. Press all the three buttons simultaneously. Use a cateye mity 3 pen or other pointed object to press the “SET” button underneath unit.


Now you must input your tire calibration number. Our Cyclecomputer database is your starting point when looking for information on cyclecomputers.

If SET button is pressed in stop stateclock time setting dis- play appears. Button Operation Reset Operation Data to be reset: Push the “SET” button.

Tm moves up as Main Display. F ATC owner’s csteye Battery: Solar II owner’s manual. Spin the front wheel and check if the speed display appears. Press “SET” to advance calibration number.