Cherub: Mad Dogs is a fantastic book full of twists and turns. It reels you in, making you want to read on. It is story of a gang war over drugs and. CHERUB: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review. ‘a fantastic book full of twists and turns; it reels you in, making you want to read on’. Ninja. Gang warfare gets gruesome in the eighth book of the CHERUB series, which Rick Riordan says has “plenty of action.” CHERUB agents are highly trained.

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Orange is a visitor.

It gave me a different perspective of the world of undercover spies that are helping make the earth a better place. It was also nice to see Bruce in action.

Gray michamore that you are qualified to do missions. Class A, which adds to the sense of nostalgia which I thrive upon.

The idea behind this is that Adults would never suspect that young kids would be working as spies to take down criminals. One of the best Cherub books by far, packing exhilarating action scenes, the troubles of growing up, infiltrating a gang, being involved in a British gang war. If you retire then you would wear the white t-shirt. They tied him up and stole all of the food in the tent.

It was good to see James go back to an identity he used in an earlier mission, and renew his acquaintance with Junior Moore, from book 2. There are many different color t-shirts orange, red, blue, gray, navy, and black. Personal Response I enjoyed this book very much.


Mad Dogs is about friends, perseverance, and revenge. I learned about different models of guns and drugs and how the British underworld revolved. I love the duo. This book focuses on street gang violence and is part of a series called Cherub by Robert Muchamore.

When I skipped to the drug gang part all they did was talk and there was still no action. Large was a force to quit but all the people in charge of this was punished.

Mad Dogs (Cherub, #8) by Robert Muchamore

They are successful in stealing it but when they are about to leave the fighting begins. This book was very interesting and a good read. But after the mission, James apologized to Dana and things were handled. He doesn’t go into graphic detail but you know exactly whats happening! At first only Michael and Gabrielle were sent mqd the mission. Sep 06, Lauren White rated it it was amazing. His friend Bruce Norris also joins him on this mission.

CHERUB: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review

He described everything without making anything seem boring. He tries to blackmail her by saying that he is going to kill the Cherub chair womens dog that Lauren loves.

While there, Ukrainian instructor Yosyp Kazakov is accidentally knocked out when trainee Kevin Sumner throws a smoke canister at him. But he is all and all a very good person. Robdrt eventually returns to Campus.


Cherub: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review

After setting up a plan to in order to get James and Haley Mr. This book is for the authors that like adventure and action and is a very well constructed book. While she was biking her phone started ringing, she went to answer it but a car pulled out of a driveway. I want to know how he got to cherub and what happ Today in my report I am going to discuss James Adams.

All of the pieces fit together and I wasn’t able to find any plot holes whatsoever. View all 3 comments. A number of rival gangs are jockeying for top position, and the impact on the innocent people in the area is getting too much. In one mission it all started when Gabrielle and Michael two Cherub agents were on a high-risk mission trying to take down a big drug group called the Slasher boy’s which was a high threat.

Sep 28, Tyler Chang added it.

Through growing to love these characters and the muchamote of missions, this book ends the story of one of the older generations, Kyle who was the person who first recruited James to CHERUB. So the first 40 pages were awesome with lots of action and it was pretty epic.