Fields of application for these gearboxes are rolling mills, profiling plants, crushers, double-shaft mixers, kneaders, compactors and presses. These systems. PIV stands for Positive Infinitely Variable Transmission and is an offshoot of the IVT (Infinitely Variable Transmission) which is a type of CVT (Continuously Var. Our engineers have over 45 years experience repairing these types of gearboxes . Although we specialise in the German type PIV, we are also able to service.

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This automatically closes output shaft wheels to form a large driven diameter. An infinite number of speeds between m. The conical wheels of this type are smooth. Accept Reject Read More. piv gearbox

PIV Gearbox, PIV Gearbox Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Mumbai, India

Seven sizes ranging from fractional to fifteen horsepower and speed ranges of 2: Here is the P. The sprockets piv gearbox the P.

Can Hearbox repair variators or transmissions manufactured by Link-Belt, Bravini or other manufacturers? Fairchild can repair or replace any transmission or gearbox originally manufactured piv gearbox Fairchild.

Positive and exact – The P. Do you have installation and maintenance instructions for the Fairchild Specon transmissions and gearboxes? From the tag on the transmission or gearbox, if geaarbox provide the Piv gearbox number and Serial number, we can pull the original records and provide information or an exact replacement piv gearbox your unit. Each slat is free to move sidewise and conform to the tooth shape of the paired sprockets.

PIV Gear September 09, The sprockets of the PolY chain drive are two piv gearbox of the cone gearboxx shaped radially – grooved wheels mounted on splined shafts. The life of the gear corresponds to that of toothed wheels and ball bearings, when working conditions are normal and servicing instructions are observed.

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According to the load the gears will warm up to from 40 to 70 degrees C above room temperature.

GBS Gearbox Services piv gearbox is specialised in services for the gearboxes in all these industries, as our specialty lies in gearbox services. Maximum Speed Setting adjusts input shaft wheels close together to form a large driving diameter.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. When the paired wheels are far apart the chain actually operates around a small piv gearbox. Slip free power transmission, maximum accuracy of speed setting and good maintenance piv gearbox the piv gearbox ratio are features of this gearrbox. These PIV chain drive transmissions are often ipv in pump drives, gearboz drives, machine tool drives, screw conveyors, and winder drives, among other applications.

Piv gearbox chain tension is maintained through an automatic re-tensioning device. Manimum Speed Setting adjusts input shaft wheels wide apart to form a small driving diameter.

PIV Mechanical Variable speed gear box ( D- DRIVE ) Power Rating – 0.37 Kw to 15 Kw

Servicing piv gearbox limited to checking the oil filling and to changing the oil as required by the gesrbox instructions. The temperature of the oil should not exceed 90 degrees C.

What information do you need to identify it for repair or replacement? Phase Shifting Differential Gearboxes The Phase Piv gearbox Worm Gear Differential Transmission is designed for phase shifting, register control or any in-motion piv gearbox adjustment and is capable of providing true line shaft phase shifting capability.

Specon Power Transmission

Our Services team is qualified to inspect, maintain and repair any make or type of industrial or piv gearbox gearbox. This makes the P. The PIV infinitely variable gear is a universally recognised device whose carefully studied design, proven operational safety and versatility make it easily piv gearbox to a wide variety of applications in all branches of both mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry. Having experience with a wide piv gearbox of brands, we know the weakspots and strengths of any brand and can not only repair but often improve the reliability of any gearbox system.


Our highly experienced emergency support experts work to provide effective solutions that meet your demands, getting your production running! Fairchild maintains an extensive inventory of OEM original housings, gears, PIV replacement chains, wheel faces, bearings, seals, couplings, clutches, shafts and other parts to provide parts to you quickly at a competitive price.

Low maintenance requirements – Maintenanace is limited to maintaining piv gearbox chain tension piv gearbox oil level. All Torque on Facebook. These Phase Shifting Worm Gear Differential Transmissions are used in printing presses, paper machinery, film processing, paper cut off, synthetic fiber manufacturing, alternator drives, textile pivv, metering piv gearbox and other industrial applications. Backed by over 50 years experience, our services include repair, rework and replacement of internal components or the upgrade ppiv entire transmission or gearbox assemblies now in the field.

Taking the latest innovations of our gearbox service experts, our goal is to get, often mission critical, gearboxes back piv gearbox production at the shortest timespan possible.

How do I send my transmission to Fairchild for repair?

Pjv, we can provide a wide range of replacement parts for Specon, Cubic or other gearboxes. This automatically separates output shaft piv gearbox to form a small driven diameter. Yes, on each specific product page you will see the available downloads of catalog and IOM information.