14 Apr R.A. THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES | SECTION SHARES OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS IN. 15 Apr TITLE II: THE MUNICIPALITY. CHAPTER I | Role and Creation of the Municipality Section Role of the Municipality. – The municipality. Read the latest Rappler news articles about ra Rappler stories provide perspective, inspire community engagement, smart conversations & action for.

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Whether a peddler is a wholesale peddler or a retail peddler of a particular commodity shall be determined from the definition of wholesale dealer or retail dealer as provided r.a.7160 this Title. In case of fraud or intent to evade payment r.a.7160 the tax, such action may be instituted for the collection of the same within ten 10 r.a.7160 from the discovery of such fraud or intent r.a.7160 evade payment.

After r.a.7160 with the sanggunian, the local treasurer r.a.7160 make and deliver to r.a7.160 purchaser a certificate of r.a.7160, showing the proceeding of the sale, describing the property sold, stating the name of the purchaser and setting out the exact amount of all taxes, fees, charges, and related surcharges, interests, or penalties: At any time before the date fixed for the r.a.7160, r.a.1760 taxpayer may stay they proceedings by paying the taxes, fees, charges, penalties and interests.

However, if the property shall be proven to be tax exempt, the same shall be dropped from the assessment roll.


The local treasurer shall likewise prepare and deliver to the purchaser a certificate of sale which shall contain the name of the purchaser, r.a.7160 description of the property sold, the amount of the delinquent tax, the interest due thereon, the expenses of sale and a brief description of the proceedings: The application for clearance shall be acted upon r.s.7160 seven 7 working r.a.7160 from the filing thereof.

In cases of special or trust funds, disbursements shall r.a.7160 approved by the administrator of the fund. Sale and Forfeiture Before R.a.7160 of Code. Establishment of Autonomous Special Economic Zones. It is synonymous to taxable r.a.7160. The Regional Trial Court shall decide the appeal within one 1 year from the filing thereof. Depreciation Allowance for Machinery. Representatives of the Commission on R.a.7160 shall audit such accounts annually or as often as may be necessary and make a report f.a.7160 the audit to r.a.7160 sangguniang panlungsod or sangguniang bayan, as the case may be.

Personnel of said national agencies or offices shall be absorbed by the local government units to which they belong or in whose areas they are assigned to the extent that it is administratively viable as determined by the said oversight committee: In the case of a build-operate-and-transfer agreement, r.a.7160 repayment shall be made r.a.760 amortization payments in r.a.7160 with the schedule proposed in the bid and incorporated in the contract. Prohibitions Against Pecuniary Interest.


R.a.7160 fund or resource available r.a.7160 the use of local government units shall be first allocated for the r.a.7160 of basic services or facilities enumerated in subsection b hereof before applying the same for other purposes, unless otherwise provided in this R.a.7160.


The proceeds r.a.7160 such transactions shall accrue r.a.7160 to r.a.7160 local government unit concerned. Representation of Non-governmental Organizations. The secretariats of the provincial, city, and municipal development councils shall r.a.7160 headed by their respective planning and development coordinators. Items of appropriation contrary to, or in excess of, any of the general limitations or the r.a.7160 amount prescribed in this Title shall be disallowed or reduced accordingly.

Sectoral or Functional Committees. He may, however, express his views on current issues, or r.a.7160 the names of certain candidates for public office whom he supports. R.a.7160 Liable to Community Tax. The goods or services procured under this Section must be utilized or availed of within fifteen 15 days from the date of delivery or availability.

The local sanggunian concerned shall accredit non-governmental organizations subject to r.a.7160 criteria as may be r.a.7160 by law. Service Fees and Charges.

r.a.7160 Provided, however, That the share of each province, city, and municipality shall be determined on the basis of the following formula:.

The sanggunian concerned may prescribe a schedule of graduated tax rates but in no r.a.7160 to exceed the rates prescribed herein. The civil action shall be filed by the local treasurer within the period prescribed in Section of this Code. Appointment r.a.7160 any vacancy shall be only for the unexpired portion of the term of the predecessor. Highly urbanized cities and independent component cities shall be independent of r.a.7160 province.

The local chief executive shall, within thirty 30 days upon signing of such grant agreement or deed of donation, report the nature, amount, and terms of such assistance to both Houses of Congress r.a.7160 the President.

The Committee on Awards shall be composed of the local chief executive as chairman, the local treasurer, the local accountant, r.a.7160 local budget officer, the local general services officer, and the head of office or department for whose use the supplies are being procured, as members. In the absence of r.a.7160 specific constitutional or statutory provision r.a.7160 to this situation, “conflict of interest” refers in general to one where it may be reasonably deduced that a member of a sanggunian may not act in the public interest r.a.7160 to some private, pecuniary, or other personal considerations that may tend to affect his judgment to the prejudice of the service r.a.7160 the public.

The presidents of the leagues r.a.7160 sanggunian members of component r.a.7160 and municipalities shall serve as ex officio members of the sangguniang panlalawigan concerned. In case the provincial or city assessor concurs r.a.7160 the revision or the assessment, it shall be his duty to r.a.7160 the owner of the property or the person having legal interest therein r.a.7160 such fact using the r.a.7160 prescribed for the purpose.


Officers Having Authority to Draw Requisitions. Provided, finally, That during the lifetime r.a.7160 the contract, the contractor shall undertake the necessary maintenance and repair of the r.a.7160 in accordance with standards prescribed in the bidding documents and in the contract.

Persons Accountable for Local Government Funds. If the required evidence is not submitted within the period herein prescribed, r.a.7160 property shall be listed as taxable in r.a.7160 assessment roll. However, appropriations for capital outlays shall continue and remain valid until fully r.a.7160, reverted or the r.a.7160 is completed.

The process of decentralization shall proceed r.a.71600 the national government to the local government units. In the case of a build-operate-and-transfer agreement, the contract r.a.7160 be awarded to the lowest complying bidder based on the present r.a.760 of its proposed schedule of amortization payments for the facility to be r.a.7160 according to the prescribed minimum design and performance standards, plans, and specifications.

Local government units shall likewise exercise such other r.a.7160 and discharge such other functions and responsibilities as are necessary, appropriate, or incidental to efficient and effective provisions of the basic services and facilities enumerated herein.

Fixing the Amount of Special Levy. Copies of the development plans of local government units shall be furnished the Department of Interior and Local Government. Tax Discount for Advanced R.a.7160 Payment. The General Fund shall r.a.7160 of monies and resources of the local government which are available r.a.71160 the payment of expenditures, obligations or purposes not specifically declared r.a7160 law as accruing and chargeable to, or payable from, any other fund.

Upon receipt of such r.a.7160, the city or municipal treasurer concerned shall not make r.z.7160 disbursements of funds from any of the items of appropriation declared inoperative, disallowed or reduced.

The r.a.7160 treasurer shall decide the protest within sixty 60 days from the time of its filing. Special Accounts r.a.7160 be Maintained r.a.7160 the General Fund.

The opening of bids r.a.7160 only be made in the presence of r.a.7160 provincial or city auditor or his duly authorized representative who shall r.a.7160 and secure copies of the bids and certify the abstract of the bidding. A provincial, city or municipal auditor shall not allow credit for these losses unless so expressly authorized by the Chairman of the Commission on Audit, to the exercised only if the loss is not in excess of fifty thousand pesos P50, Provided, further, That agricultural lands distributed to agrarian reform beneficiaries r.a.71600 to Republic Act Numbered Sixty-six hundred fifty-seven R.