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In the beginning of the union between man and woman, there is a feeling of pain, resulting in meagre pleasure. In the Egveda, every aspect of it, virtuous and otherwise, finds mention. The Mahabharata also relates how when Draupadi was bom, her own lotus- smell spread to a distance of one krosha.

This could not be avoided; analysis or explanation is called vibhdga; break up is an integral part of clear understanding; the minute classi- fications are not to be taken as overdone, but boo, springing from the nature and substance of the subject that is rahasyma. There is, furthermore, one Atyuchcha Rata, or, an excessively high union where the partners are: The woman of the Utkala province is perturbed by a great urge for love.

The commentator has wrongly commented on Jihvarana as Bok. Subjects Sex — Early works to The use of fists is well-known, and must be done on the back.

Kokkokudi Rathi Rahasyam ( కొక్కోకుడి రతి రహస్యం )

The windy type of woman is the vilest type of woman. The woman of the Kamarupa province has a pleasant voice. Body Odour and Its Prevention, 96 P.

Photo, Moti Ram Jain. Close-up of mithuna figures from the Lakshamana temple, Khajurcho. It must be stated that the work Gunapataka has no link with the work Guna Mala mentioned by Abhinavagupta a. The God of Love moves downwards from head to rahaxyam in a woman’s body during the fifteen days of the waning moon, but moves upwards during the fifteen days of the waxing moon. Munindra has also described whatever little he could about the pro- vincial characteristics of some women, and in the same way, a man should glean for himself as much information about the provincial habits of other women as possible.


Where rahhasyam is a mixture of the characteristics of the various types of men and women described above, and of those that will be described here- after, the wise man will do well in gleaning the salient features before he categorises that particular person. The commen- tator has given a different meaning of Vihara as time for friendly chats, etc. On the first day of the lunar month, an amorous man should approach the young woman by clasping her neck tightly, kissing the forehead and the cheeks, and by pressing her lips with his front teeth.

Rathi Rahasyam | Jeevan Job Jacob | DC Books

Rathi rahasyam book List of ebooks and manuels about Rathi rahasyam book. If, in rahasyyam case, the flow of fluid starts prematurely, neither party is satisfied.

Dialogues with The Masters Amarananda Bhairavan. Rati Rahasya to Nothing, unless he knows how to break it and discover its kernel. Their natures are loving towards women and they are quite truthful.

Rathi rahasyam book

The anatomical parts most suitable for these varieties are the space just above the yoni, and the bookk itself, and on the thighs. Her build is quite erect and her nature affectionate.

Recipes for Contraction and Enlarging the Yoni, 92 G. Having gently hugged his lady-love round the waist with his left hand, the lover should touch the hem of her garment, the breasts and the waist with his other hand over and over again.

Uddhava refers to heavenly maidens with the lotus-smell. He has further shown that Vatsyayana has followed the method of Kautilya, and that Kalidasa was well acquainted with the Kama Sutra.

Rathi Rahasyam – eBook and Manual Free download

Their gait is like a romping lion’s and their voices soft. They rub their own limbs such as the shank, the knee, the foot and the toe with corresponding limbs of their beloved. The woman, when her fluid is released, and the man when his seminal fluid flows profusely.


Some w’ordings with different case ter- minations, R.

The Tippani clarifies this and adds that when one indulges in kissing parts other than the mouth and does it softly it is Mridu. Suvesha includes ornaments, cosmetics and flowers besides garments. The last line of the text appears to be corrupt. The former is a complete work dealing with the whole science of love, whereas the latter deals with parti- cular aspects in more detail. The authors and their works referred to by Kokkoka, with their respective identities, are as follows: Amongst the three rahasyas the first rahasyam that a mumukshu has to know is the Thiruvashtakshara mahamanthram.

Boook and His Predecessors, 1 B. Men afflicted with desire can overwhelm the doe-eyed women through the resplendence of the sixteen matras vowels and consonants which like sparks from a fire, are directed to their vulnerable limbs. Sculptured panels with Couples and decorative designs from the base of the Sun temple, Konarak. Bhandarkar as Saka Summaries of Inscriptions 94 andfns. They rahssyam experience happiness in the middle and latter part of their lives.

I have unmanned you! A man can best gratify the Padmini type of woman by adopting the Pankaja posture; the Shankhini type of woman by adopting the Venudarita posture where the legs are placed like a split bamboo ; the Hastini type by adopt- ing the Skandhapadayugala posture where the pair of legs rest on the shoulders ; and the Chitrini type by adopting the Nagara posture. The Age of Imperial Kanauj, p. At any rate the lower limit of the date of the Ratirahasya is not as late as that adopted by Keith, A.

For details, he has consulted Gunapataka.