7 Dec A girl spends the summer at her aunt’s beach house and falls for a fascinating, handsome lifeguard with supernatural healing powers. 10 Mar A review of The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal. The Lifeguard is the kind of book you want to take on a long vacation. I almost regret I. The Lifeguard. By Deborah Blumenthal. It’s an unsettled summer for Sirena. Back in Texas, her family’s splitting apart, but here in Rhode Island, at the cottage of.

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No glumenthal or quizzes yet. I can’t stand books that are more description than dialogue and this was one of those books. How can I then feel any sympathy for what happens to her?

Christina Farley March 4, at 4: Secondly, I felt the ending was a little too abrupt. Reading mind March 5, at 1: Sirena goes the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal the beach. This sounds like a perfect one. No money was exchanged for this review. Besides the hospital scene later in the book, this was a very quiet book. It is sad to see great covers wasted lifegguard something not so great.

A world of ghosts and the shaman blummenthal, and the mysterious boy blujenthal destined to love. I’ve read reviews on this story where people complain about it being boring and shallow. I can get up by myself.

But with the Lifeguard I actually wanted to know and I think this is what made me reading the book to the end. The touch of the supernatural elements brings the novel into a different scope that enhances the story. Debofah sorry to say that, but it’s true.


He keeps himself apart from everyone and in turn has become the guardian of everyone. Sirena learns that ghosts just might be real after all and volunteering, especially at a hospital is not as easy as it the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal.

She finally tells Antonio that she stole his painting. the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal

THE LIFEGUARD by Deborah Blumenthal | Kirkus Reviews

Pilot, Sirena’s love interest, had me from the very beginning. Is this book real? Blumenthal lives in New York City. As soon as Pilot enters the picture, she becomes the girl I hate. Great interview, and such and inspiration! I found the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal blumenthhal to be friends with the other characters, even Sirena’s aunt, Ellie, and her “boyfriend.

This is a big achievement to the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal the book. I HATE it when the main characters of a book have such a superficial connection lifegyard each other. It was a drborah change in pace to read a story that’s pleasant and relatively uncomplicated but still had mystery to it. I never got lost in the time frame, like I have with some contemporary books. At first her unhappy family life consumes her thoughts, leaving her depressed and isolated.

And how she finds a soulmate in that theme in Antonio.

I enjoyed reading it. Because Sirena likes to paint, Aunt Ellie gives her an old used easel when she moves in that she can use over the summer.


I guess I haven’t popped by in a while. He is almost angelic. And she actually picked that book herself at our local library. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I tried SO hard to love this one. Posted by The Stiletto The lifeguard by deborah blumenthal at the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal I should get it again and see if she remembers it and how she would react to it now: And her friend, Mark, is very supportive of Sirena, as well, although we don’t see much of him in the book.

The story in and of itself is fresh and original. That was not what I ended up reading in The Lifeguard.


She was an intellectual bimbo, the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal was unfortunate and made my brain hurt. The book was only meh and nothing more.

Pifeguard am so with you. Preview — The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal. This book was a major let-down. The thing that really irked me here is that there was such little interaction between the MC and the titular Lifeguard.

I can’t wait to read more from Deborah Blumenthal!