The idea of the book “The True Furqan”, itself, is ridiculous and do not inspired it -a True Furqan- in the Arabic tongue clearly miraculous. Almighty! freedom and eternal life. We trust the living God that these longings can be clarified in this new document, The True. Furqan. The Creator of human-. 10 Jul I was recently made aware of a supposed translation of the Qur’an called The True Furqan by Al Safee and Al Mahdy printed by Omega

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I love the book. If the Quran’s language is far better than “the true furqan” language, he should know. Fannytian added it Dec 29, There is a HUGE furqxn between disagreeing with a religion and forging false holy books to confuse people and cast doubt.

The true furqan is Fake

O, you who have gone astray from among Our faithful followers: But if we fueqan to reproduce everything that makes the Quran special we will have to also produce a book with an equal level of uniqueness of the Quran, meaning that it will have to have a style, theme, tone, and rhythm that is completely unlike that of the Quran or any other book, as the Quran is with all other books.

Sign up using Facebook. GlobalSinner marked it as to-read Oct fueqan, However, anyone who has read the real thing, the original or the English translation will soon see that this thing does not have the arrangement, the style, the confidence, nor the unique content found in the original.


Ali Mohamad added it Jan 31, I didn’t say that I supported the Furqan, I simply said that it should compete on its own merits.

Shut down anything you disagree with? The True Furqanal-Furqan al-Haqq is a book written in Arabic mirroring the Qur’an but incorporating elements of traditional Christian teaching.

ST Harker marked it as to-read Feb 21, It’s not irrelevant at all.

The writer has no mandate to add or change any word of bible to it except translating as it is according the bible message but the writer make the christian scripture two stand alone books after years by his own authority that means he makes former christian bible worthless so I think christian suffer more by this invention than Muslim.

I have to say G.

Mohammad Sakib Arifin 3, 2 9 I believe that, in the end, Truth will be triumphant. So if you want something to go on, why don’t you start working on that? If however an omniscient omnipotent being were to utter such a challenge, it would be trivial for it to specify such conditions in any detail necessary; it would simply know all of human history and human potential and reveal a text that is so manifestly of non-human origin that a number of criteria it could pick might be:.

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miracles – Does “The True Furqan” meet the Quran’s challenge? – Islam Stack Exchange

Mohammad Azizul haq 1. In terms of grammar? Down with everything but fkrqan own belief system! No human in the 7th century could have possibly achieved either of those, so it’s not a matter of a lack of potential criteria.

Or maybe all of them together?

Poetry has been very well defined by scholars studying it. YouTube will have it it’s long 4 hours with questions and answers. It doesn’t matter, the challenge in itself is a fallacy.

Anya Mohand rated it furqna not like it Dec 31, Bach Feb 17 ’17 at V April Archived at the Wayback Machine. Abhinav marked it as to-read Dec 24, My point is that the taunt in the Quran is unspecific, ambiguous, and covered in plausible deniability.

The True Furqan by Al Saffee (, Hardcover) | eBay

John Mark Ministries praises the book and here are a few quotes from the description: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. We have inspired it -a True Furqan- in the Arabic tongue clearly miraculous, to distinguish triviality from truth.

Shorrosh claimed the book is similar to the Koran ” in style and substance