UL AB. Wire Connectors. standard by Underwriters Laboratories, 04/27/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Language: English. Buy UL AB Ed. 1 () Wire Connectors from SAI Global. 7 Feb UL A. ISBN Wire Connectors and Soldering for Wire Connectors for Use With Aluminum Conductors, UL B; and.

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Only that portion of the outer insulating surface that covers ul 486a-486b parts is to be covered with the outer electrode. A complete description of the organization, purposes, and methods of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

UL under its Follow-Up Service for this category within the limitations given below and in the Scope section of this Standard. Tearing or breaking of the insulation is acceptable if the results of a repeated dielectric voltage-withstand test are acceptable. During application of the tightening torque, the connector assembly ul 486a-486b to be free to turn about its mounting means except as restricted by the construction of the connector or the specified mounting ul 486a-486b.

For connectors intended for use with stranded conductors, the conductor strand configurations are Class B concentric and compressed, and Class C concentric. However, the test tang should not be so large that it operates cooler than the bodies of the connectors, as determined by the thermocouples ul 486a-486b on the tangs and connector bodies. A single flat washer is to be used on each side of the tang-to-tang or tang-to-bus connection. For ampere ratings that fall in between the values specified, the next larger conductor size is to be used.

This series of tests ul 486a-486b referred to as the mechanical sequence.

Immersion Test 24 This Standard contains ul 486a-486b requirements for products covered by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Sample Test Assembly General 9.

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Uninsulated pressure terminal connectors that are compression tool applied may be used in circuits rated 35, volts or less. Unit Container — The smallest container in which connectors are packaged. When connectors are used in such circuits, the stress-relief insulation prescribed by the manufacturers of shielded cables is to be provided when these connectors are installed.


Sample Test Assembly 15 For test assemblies employing an insulating backboard as mentioned in the exception to paragraph 9,5, ul 486a-486b bus bar section ul 486a-486b to be mounted behind the test assembly.

ul 486a-486b

UL – AB Wire Connectors | Standards Catalog

A ul 486a-486b whose features, characteristics, components, materials, or systems conflict with specific requirements or provisions of this standard cannot ul 486a-486b judged to comply with this standard.

If more than one conductor is secured by a single clamping means, additional sample sets may be necessary. For one series, samples of the connector axe to be secured to the combination of conductors of the smallest cross-sectional area, or the the ul 486a-486b conductor, if only one conductor is intended to be secured; and for the second series, the samples are to be secured to the combination of largest total cross-sectional area, ul 486a-486b the largest conductor, if ul 486a-486b one conductor is intended to be secured.

The spacing may be reduced to a minimum of 6 inches mm if a thermal barrier is used between assemblies. The mechanical sequence on any particular conductor size need not be repeated if it has been conducted as part of the static-heating sequence.

A terminal connector integral with a fuse clip or meter-socket jaw or the like or intended for connection to a bus having a low conductivity because of material or cross-sectional ul 486a-486b is to have the tang sized to prevent excessive heating of the tang.

The current need not be balanced if agreeable to those concerned. ul 486a-486b

The pull is to be exerted by means of a tension-testing 486-486b or the 486a486b, so ul 486a-486b there will be no sudden application of force or jerking during the test. When using Table For connectors for use with a crimping tool, crimping die design and number of crimps; and Ul 486a-486b. Catalog or type ul 486a-486b, 2. Secureness-of-Insulation Test 23 Material of conductor clamping screw; D. Each sample is to be connected to a conductor or conductors in the intended manner, and the test potential is to be applied for 1 minute between the conductor or conductors and an outer electrode.

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ul 486a-486b Maintaining this value, with a static torque reading, for 5 ul 486a-486b. If the conductor or a strand of a stranded conductor becomes visibly unattached, breakage is considered to have occurred. The length of the tang is not to exceed twice the length of ul 486a-486b connector body. The marking shall be on the unit container in which the connector is packaged or on an information sheet packed in the unit container.

Full text of “UL A: Wire Connections and Soldering Lugs for Use With Copper Conductors”

Ul 486a-486b UL Standard is current only if it incorporates the most recently adopted revisions, all of which are itemized on the transmittal notice that accompanies ul 486a-486b latest published set of revision pages. The first stated value is the requirement.

Shape of connector, shape of conductor opening, and shape of the conductor clamping screw; B. Strip length marking is optional if the connector is provided ul 486a-486b an inspection hole opposite the conductor insertion end through which the end of the conductor is visible ul 486a-486b it is connected. These washers are to be plated steel having an SAE configuration compatible with the diameter of the 48a-486b.

A product employing materials or having forms of construction differing from those detailed in the requirements of this Standard may be examined and tested according to the intent of the requirements and, if 4866a-486b to be substantially equivalent, may be judged to comply with the Standard. All measurements are ul 486a-486b be made to the centerline of the nearest connector or conductor.