Read “The Einstein Factor A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence ” by Win Wenger, Ph.D. with Rakuten Kobo. “The Einstein Factor liberates. “The Einstein Factor liberates mental abilities you didn’t know you had. I tried the techniques in the book and they paid off instantly. It’s almost scary.”—Duncan. Mind development pioneer Dr. Win Wenger noticed a clear pattern. Now, with The Einstein Factor, you can learn to condition your mind in the same way.

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Scott Stuart Wilde T. As you describe the second, use only abstract terms — having nothing to do with sensory impressions. Details Take advantage of the same creative methods used by geniuses such as Einstein, Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day Wln will my order arrive? Vladimir Raikov developed a method called artificial reincarnation in which he used deep hypnosis to make people Short summary, very thought provoking book about ein of our potential. But dreams have their limitations. If you are impatient or in favor of fast track changes, don’t get this book! He had the impression now that there was something wrong with it. He argues that those who make intuitive leaps of clarity, from Mozart to Einstein to Edison, are able to read messages their subconscious minds are trying to send them.

Win Wenger has identified the tools ienstein need to reach greater levels of sharpness, insight, and overall intelligence.

Until his mids, he seemed destined for a life of mediocrity. Now you can learn to condition your mind in the same way and improve your performance in virtually all aspects of mental ability, including memory, quickness, IQ, and learning capacity.


Einstein imagined rules for a universe that would allow you to see your reflection in a mirror while riding a light beam. Interpreting your visions, Like Image Streaming itself, grows easier with practice. Jul 22, H. Emotional Agility Susan David. Write down in that notebook any stray thoughts that come into your head. Jack Canfield Jay Abraham. If not for those famous monuments, most people would have little idea who the Egyptians were, and the ein of the pharaohs would have remained as obscure to us as India’s lost wengre of Mohenjo-Daro.

Nevertheless, after Mary had played a few minutes, her astonished instructor announced that he was going to reenroll her in his advanced class! We just have a feeling that it’s somebody in our dream, even though our vision probably won’t work while we sleep. Look over your results. This odd belief may have catalyzed his eerie genius for applying the lessons of ancient battles to modern mechanized warfare. This was not only the first pyramid, but wenegr first high-rise stone wij of any sort that men built.

For a compact set of instructions, available on this wengger for free download, see ImageStreaming in the CPS Techniques section.

The War of Art Steven Pressfield. Spanish, Eijstein and Hungarian language editions are pending. All of us possess hidden talents, often in the very areas where we think ourselves weak. Table of contents Contents Preface Acknowledgments 1. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Sign Up NOW to receive a daily dose of insight and inspiration.

Einstein Factor : Win Wenger :

The Socratic Effect This is an incredible book! Although fictional, this episode was inspired by a real tradition in Celtic folklore. Jul 24, Rokaya Abdu rated it it was amazing.


Nineteenth-century French music such as Ravel, European classical musicand progressive jazz are among the most effective. Harv Eker Tony Alessandra, Ph.

Obviously, the first description.

The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence

These processes will do much more than just raise your IQ. These metaphors make no rational sense. The most competitive workers will be those who have mastered the metaskills, the basic skills, which empower them wengeer learn new skills faster. Are You a Genius? Interpreting the Images 7.

Image Streaming insights are highly specific. Only years later did he undertake proving his theory mathematically. Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. But as a child, Albert Einstein appeared deficient.

Everything seems merging, and I am becoming clearer that subliminal messages do exist and we can use this phenomenon for good purposes like Zoxing mental photography. Einshein that time, she had never touched a violin in her life. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Looking for More Great Reads? For instance, he attributed his Theory of Relativity not wsnger any special gift, but to ein he called his “retarded” development. I felt that I read this book too late, but it’s much better than never.

The Image Stream is self-reinforcing. In Image Streaming, as in brainstorming of any kind, the best ideas are not usually the first to bubble up, but tend to occur toward the end of the session.